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Which wood should I use for my pergola or arbor?

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

There are not too many domestic woods that are suitable for an outdoor project like this.  Here’s a list of domestic woods that you’ll be able to find for your pergola or arbor.

  • Southern Yellow Pine - It’s cheap and readily available, but you’ll have to treat it for it to last more than a couple of seasons.  It also is bug food and has sap when not treated.  $3 per linear foot.
  • Douglas Fir - This strong, northwestern softwood is stable and sap-free in clear, vertical-grain cuts. Less rot resistant than red cedar and redwood.  $29 per linear foot.
  • Redwood - Premium western softwood that’s stable and sap-free. Clear grades like this are costly.  About $37.50 per linear foot
  • Eastern White Cedar - It grows on the eastern half of the US.  It’s a stable and sap-free with small, tight knots. $27.50 per linear foot.
  • Cypress - This is a tropical wood that grows in the US, and there aren’t many, it has a tan color and is related to redwood.  It is stable and sap-free. Can have small, tight knots.  $17.50 per linear foot.  This is a great wood, that has a middle range price.
  • Western Red Cedar - A Pacific Northwest wood with superior rot and insect resistance. Stable and sap-free. $6.50 per linear foot.  This is a favorite of ours because of it’s value.  Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better wood for performance and looks.

All Things Cedar added as New Brand

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Simply Pergolas is proud to announce that it has added All Things Cedar as a new brand to our store.  They are a world leader in fine patio furniture, garden furniture, and other accessories.  All Things Cedar is known for it’s items being hand-crafted from the finest clear grained Western Red Cedar boards, and being sanded to a clean smooth finish.  They offer an exciting line of uniquely designed items that are designed with care in timeless fashions that are sure to enhance your space.

One of many items from All Things Cedar is the Rectangle Western Red Cedar Wood 30″ Planter with Trellis-Panel.  This wooden trellis planter is the perfect accent to any patio or garden. It adds polish and is great to grow that climbing flower, vine or rose. The trellis planter is hand crafted with great care and attention to detail for superior quality and durability.

Rectangle Western Red Cedar Wood 2-Piece Planter with Trellis-Panel

Rectangle Western Red Cedar Wood 2-Piece Planter with Trellis-Panel